28 Feb 2005

Fiji church cautions members over Kuwait and Iraq jobs

4:25 pm on 28 February 2005

A major Fiji church has warned its members to weigh up their options carefully before joining what it describes as "the Fijian tsunami rolling towards Kuwait and Iraq."

The Fiji Sun says the advice has been issued by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in a newsletter to its members.

The newsletter says the church is worried about the effects on the families of men taking up jobs in the Middle East.

The Seventh Day Adventist president, Pastor Tom Osbourne, says if taking up a job in the Middle East means family breakdowns later, that should not be an option.

Pastor Osbourne says men should not rely on the cultural practice of making decisions on their own.

He says the whole family should be involved in the decision making including the mother and all the children before the head of the family departs.

Nearly 2,000 Fijians are already employed in Kuwait and Iraq and the latest group of 40 former soldiers and police officers is due to depart for Iraq next week.