3 Mar 2005

Samoa doctor says few drug and substance abuse patients

2:49 pm on 3 March 2005

A medical director in Apia says only few drug and substance abuse cases come to the attention of the health sector in Samoa.

Dr Enosi Puni, the director of Apia Hospital, says they don't get many people coming in, who seem to be suffering from any form of drug abuse, or are evident drug users.

He says he doesn't believe the use of drugs like marijuana or cocaine is widespread in Samoa.

But he admits the trend could be changing.

"It has not, I think, been a significant problem. But no doubt, I think there may be or should be plans for future services perhaps like counselling and also for testing for drugs in some of the suspected cases."

Dr Enosi Puni, the medical director at Apia Hospital.