3 Mar 2005

New Zealand says Tokelau repair after Percy costs millions

4:25 pm on 3 March 2005

The New Zealand administrator for Tokelau says it will cost millions to repair the damage caused by cyclone Percy, which struck the atolls at the weekend.

Neil Walter has just arrived back in New Zealand and has revealed more about the impact the storm had.

He says there is a lot of erosion with some small islets disappearing while roads and paths and a key bridge have been badly scoured out.

Mr Walter says all food crops on the atolls have been destroyed by sea flooding and many trees have been badly damaged.

"So pandanus, coconut, kanava - all those trees very badly hit. A lot of stores and possessions lost. Just half a dozen houses swept away or totally destroyed, as I understand it, at Nukunonu, and we understand that the damage is similar at Fakaofa, and thereafter you are talking about the infrastructure, the telecommunication system, the power supply system - all of which were knocked about pretty badly."

Neil Walter