4 Mar 2005

Cooks police say no damage reports as cyclone passes south west of Rarotonga

8:31 am on 4 March 2005

Police in the Cook Islands say there are no reports of damage or injuries as Cyclone Percy passes to the south west of the main island, Rarotonga.

But this morning the emergency operations centre there is reporting rough seas and strong winds of up to 85 kilometres an hour, with rain expected later.

Cyclone Percy is heading south east at a speed of 30 kilometres an hour.

Chief Inspector Teroi John Tini says the island at this stage seems to have escaped the worst weather of the fourth cyclone to pass near it this season.

"So far so good, we haven't received any, any damages to any buildings, or even power lines being broken by falling trees."

Chief Inspector Tini says people aren't being complacent but he says the cyclones have justified the extent of the recent official awareness programme.