8 Mar 2005

Call to shield those who expose corruption in Fiji

12:23 pm on 8 March 2005

There's been a call in Fiji for a Whistleblowers Act for the effective practice of good governance.

The Fiji Times reports that the call has come from the director of the Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance at the USP, Professor Ron Duncan.

Professor Duncan says white collar criminals are hard to detect and convict, and as such whistleblowers are important, especially in small countries like Fiji.

The Fiji Law Reform Commission's earlier report on Bribery and Corruption had called for laws to protect those who "blow the whistle" on corruption.

Professor Duncan says given the secretive nature of such white collar crime, the protection of those who bring such acts of corruption to the notice of law enforcement agencies cannot be emphasised enough.

As well, Professor Duncan says good governance is highly unlikely in monopolies, which charge high prices for the poorest quality of service they can get away with.

Professor Duncan is also calling for a Freedom of Information Act for Fiji.