9 Mar 2005

RAMSI police officer urges community to clean up prostitution in Solomon Islands

11:28 am on 9 March 2005

Police in Solomon Islands capital Honiara are calling on community groups to assist in addressing the problem of prostitution.

Chief Supertindent Romano Tikotikoca, of the Participating Police force working with the Honiara city police says the issues surrounding prostitution are complex and needs work from the community.

"People that go through the city of Honiara at night or during the day know only too well where these people operate from. I think the family, the churches, the NGOs and the whole community need to give a lending hand in trying to resolve these issues rather than just pointing a finger at it and murmuring about it, but doing nothing."

Chief Supertindent Tikotikoca says children and women are selling their bodies on vessels.

And the local media has recently reported that women are working as prostitutes in logging camps around the country.