9 Mar 2005

Boat on way to Palmerston in the Cook Islands, cut off since cyclone

4:37 pm on 9 March 2005

A boat is now on its way to Palmerston in the Cook Islands which has been on its own since cyclone Percy battered it last week.

Chief Inspector Teroi John Tini says Palmerston must need emergency supplies as there was some sea flooding reported but he says since then they've lost communication with the atoll.

And, he says they don't know what the 40 people on Palmerston need.

"There is a telecommunications technician on board the Miss Mataroa and he will then try and see if he can restore the communication network between Palmerston and Rarotonga, which would then enable us to have a much more clearer picture of the real situation on the island."

Chief Inspector Tini says the boat should arrive later tonight or tomorrow.

And, he says supplies have now been unloaded on the northern islands of Pukapuka and a boat was on its way to Nassau which were also both badly hit by the cyclone.