9 Mar 2005

FBI wants American Samoan documents

6:24 pm on 9 March 2005

A federal subpoena has been issued to American Samoa's Custodian of Records of the Customs and to the Excise Tax Division of Treasury.

They are to produce documents pertaining to the alleged waiving of customs fees and other information regarding the importation of goods for more than 70 government leaders, government employees and businesses.

The subpoena was delivered by the FBI agents who were in Pago Pago last week to the Customs Division and states that the custodian of records has the option of mailing the information to the FBI office in Honolulu by March the 30th to avoid having to appear personally before the grand jury.

The subpoena specifically requests the names of those who among other authorised the waiving of the fees.

Most of the named individuals are top officials of the executive branch, two lawmakers, a judge and several deputy directors.

There are also 12 businesses listed, including restaurants, travel offices and furniture businesses.