11 Mar 2005

French Polynesia has new interim boss at TNTV

4:27 pm on 11 March 2005

The new French Polynesian government has appointed an interim head for the broadcaster, Tahiti Nui TV.

This comes as the Oscar Temaru-led government has embarked on sweeping changes to top administration positions in what the opposition says is the start of a witchhunt.

The vice president has chosen a former assembly member of the Greens, Loic Brigato, as the interim head of TNTV.

Mr Brigato says the previous management team often ignored basic standards of balance and failed to work in the public interest.

"The goal that we organised altogether is to control the main power tools. In other words, all the finance, international transportation, telecommunication, banks, all of that. Last time, we were naive to believe the people who were in position and that were with Mr Flosse will be loyal to the public interest. Today, we decided to fire those people because they were not loyal to the public interest."

Loic Brigato