11 Mar 2005

American Samoan watchdog group welcomes presence of FBI

6:25 pm on 11 March 2005

A Watchdog group has spoken out in support of the presence of FBI agents in American Samoa.

Common Cause says it welcomes news that the Bureau will make its presence permanent by establishing a full time office in the territory.

It says this is the result of over two years of hard work by the Senate Select Investigative Committee headed by former Senator Lualemaga Faoa, Common Cause and hundreds of concerned citizens.

Common Cause says the actions of the federal agencies and the FBI agents demonstrated that the US Government is concerned with the territory, not only fiscally but by reinforcing the rule of law.

The group says it is a victory for the honest people of our territory.

Last week FBI agents searched and seized material from the offices of the Governor, Attorney-General and the Treasury.