18 Mar 2005

French Polynesian human rights league sees GIP conflict continue

4:21 pm on 18 March 2005

The French Polynesian human rights league says the dispute at the presidency's intervention group will continue as long as the new government insists on keeping Robert Maker as its boss.

Mr Maker has been barred from entering the Tahiti premises of the GIP by some members of the unit for the past week, allegedly over his remarks about the GIP.

The head of the human rights league, Alain Bessalem, says the GIP should have been dissolved and rebuilt a long time ago to rid it of its intelligence unit.

And Mr Bessalem says Mr Temaru now wants to get the intelligence unit to work for him.

"He has begun to build an intelligence unit on his own behalf ...that is he has re-employed the same people who belonged to the intelligence unit run by Gaston Flosse and to disguise that this intelligence unit is being hidden behind a business such as a private detective agency."

Alain Bessalem