25 Mar 2005

FSM President vetoes plan to make judges get legal qualification

10:43 am on 25 March 2005

The president of the Federated States of Micronesia has vetoed a law proposed by Congress to ensure the country's judges have legal qualifications.

At the moment the laws state that even the chief justice of the country's Supreme Court doesn't have to have a legal qualification.

But the President, Joseph Urusemal, has today vetoed a Congressional amendment to change the qualifications needed to become a member of the judiciary in Micronesia.

Mr Urusemal says amendments will be appropriate further down the road when the nation has secured a sufficient number of suitably qualified locals.

The president's office said in a statement that the measure could further exacerbate the situation when the national government is desperately seeking suitably qualified locals.

The president's action is the first from the executive to override the legislature since a bi-annual Congressional election earlier this month saw the incumbents returned.