30 Mar 2005

Call in Fiji for Christian churches to preach more tolerant message

7:38 pm on 30 March 2005

Christian churches in Fiji are being called on to preach more tolerance and acceptance of other religions in the wake of further attacks on Hindu temples.

Labour Party MP, Pratap Chand, says he's speaking out after a temple was broken into and ransacked in Nasinu near Suva.

He says church leaders need to send a clear signal to people from the pulpit that they should recognise and respect other religions.

But, Mr Chand, says this is not happening.

"It has been marred very much by the statements from many of the Christian leaders for a Christian state. Many people may be getting signals from the political and church leaders, and perhaps that might be a motivating factor for some to react against other religions."

Labour Party MP, Pratap Chand.