31 Mar 2005

Fiji Public Service Association critical of moves to create new public sector

8:10 pm on 31 March 2005

The general secretary of Fiji's Public Service Association, Rajeshwar Singh, says moves to create a new public service make little sense.

The Public Service Commission intends to explore the option of a new public service, which would be likely to have 10 or fewer main departments.

Its chairman, Stuart Huggett says the current service is too complex, there are too many ministries, at a total of 23, and responsibilities often overlap.

But Mr Singh says getting rid of most of the ministries would incur massive compensation costs for the government.

He says creating a new public sector is unnecessary, and he rejects claims by Mr Huggett that the current one is inefficient and corrupt.

"Fiji Public Service has delivered its responsibilities under very very difficult circumstances, environment, even during the coups and all that. And of course the association of course believes that the new chairman should look at becoming more open, more transparent. And he of course needs to seriously look at its recruitment, promotion and disciplinary procedures."

The general secretary of Fiji's PSA, Rajeshwar Singh