2 Apr 2005

Fiji police colluded in planning coup, says suspended officer

9:07 am on 2 April 2005

A suspended Fiji police officer has written to President Iloilo alleging that some senior officers of the force colluded, in planning the May 2000 coup.

The Daily Post says Inspector Nasir Ali's 200-page report links the officers' involvement in the coup and the US$13 million agriculture ministry scam.

Inspector Ali's report describes how one top-ranking officer tried to defend certain business tycoons - alleged to have had a hand in the Speight coup - by taking out paid advertisements to counter the allegations against them.

It alleges that the same officer destroyed a videotape containing crucial evidence on the planning of the coup which was passed on to them.

The report talks about how Inspector Ali and his team who were investigating the agriculture scam were suppressed and offered training opportunities to hinder their work.

He was locked out of his office, as he and his team were about to arrest a businessman late last year.

Inspector Ali says a senior officer warned him to be careful as he could lose his life.

He has asked President Iloilo to appoint a commission of inquiry to look into police corruption.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, hasn't commented except to say that Inspector Ali is facing 14 disciplinary charges.