4 Apr 2005

French Polynesian politicians says GIP issue is French destabilisation move

4:01 pm on 4 April 2005

A member of French Polynesia's ruling Union For Democracy, Sabrina Birk, says the blockades of recent weeks are a way to destabilise the new government.

The port of Papeete has been at the centre of a rebellion by the intervention group, the GIP, which has been trying to dictate to President Oscar Temaru who is to be the GIP boss.

By law, the president is the head of the public administration and is empowered to make appointments.

Ms Birk says the recent disputes had little to do with who is in charge of the GIP.

"The population is above this debate on who is the boss, if it is Marcel Ahini or whoever. The population realises that this is a political problem that the French don't want Oscar Temaru to be president."

Sabrina Birk