4 Apr 2005

Marshall Islands Education Minister to take action over failing teachers

8:09 pm on 4 April 2005

The Marshall Islands government says it will be taking action over the majority of teachers failing a high school English test.

The minister of education, Wilfred Kendall, says a meeting was being held today to discuss what options to take after finding out that more than 60 percent of teachers who took the pilot test, failed.

There have been ongoing problems in the education sector over students failing English language units and remedial courses have had to be introduced at the College of the Marshall Islands to bring their levels up.

Mr Kendall says there is now greater awareness that more must be done about the number of unqualified teachers in the system.

"If people don't, you know, measure up to our expectations of them, and do the things that we ask them to do, I think we're going to start taking some immediate action by laying off people who are not complying with our requirements."

The minister of education, Wilfred Kendall.

The College of the Marshall Islands says the 200 plus of the 900 teachers who don't have the minimum requirement of an associate degree, have until 2008 to obtain one.