4 Apr 2005

Deal ends second French Polynesian port blockade in ten days

7:11 pm on 4 April 2005

A deal has been struck in French Polynesia to end the second port blockade in ten days.

After mediation by the French high commission, the intervention group, the GIP, has cleared the port blockade which it imposed after accusing President Oscar Temaru of reneging on the accord reached at Easter to end the first rebellion.

The 13-hundred strong GIP has been rejecting Mr Temaru's authority to choose its boss.

At Easter, Mr Temaru dropped Robert Maker as GIP leader and in the deal reached today he agreed to let Yannick Boosie take over the GIP for three months.

Mr Boosie has been the deputy of Rere Puputauki, the sacked GIP boss who has been spearheading the rebellion.

The protocol, which is being guaranteed by France, stipulates that Mr Temaru can review the GIP within the next three months through a personality of his choice.

Mr Puputauki says with the agreement the GIP has won an 80 percent but not quite a 100 percent victory.