6 Apr 2005

Vanuatu residents given food aid after spate of eruptions from Ambrym

10:18 am on 6 April 2005

In Vanuatu, residents on the western side of the volcanic island of Ambrym have been given food aid after a recent spurt of eruptions.

The disaster management information officer, Esron Molisa, says the mountain has recently been erupting weekly, rather than follow its normal pattern of once a month.

Mr Molisa says the eruptions have generated mass ashfalls and acid rain, and they've also damaged food crops.

He says a report by health and agriculture officials prompted a shipment of food aid, designed to tide residents over, until their crops can recover.

"The situation is coming to normal, so may be the first shipment, which we have the French navy boat, and the Vanuatu government which we supply them the food, maybe it will sustain them for the next few months."

Mr Molisa says agriculture is a mainstay for local incomes.