11 Apr 2005

Cereal and water to be sent to cyclone-affected residents in northern Cook Islands

6:45 am on 11 April 2005

The Cook Islands government is appealing to the public to donate clean 20-litre plastic containers to help people on the cyclone-hit islands of Pukapuka and Nassau store water supplies.

The chief disaster management officer, Metuatini Tangaroa has told the Cook Islands News that the supplies will be sent to Pukapuka this week.

Mr Tangaroa says water storage isn't a short term problem, and the office is looking for good Samaritans to help out so that the limited budget can be put to better use for affected islanders.

He says the containers will be filled with filtered water and sent to those people who need it most in Pukapuka.

The Seventh Day Adventist Mission has also donated a hundred and 15 cartons of breakfast cereal for the two islands.

The mission's coordinator Liz Teretai says the cereal's expected to last at least a month.

The vessel, the MV Maungaroam, is expected to sail with the aid cargo this week, after it returns from Ngaputoru.