14 Apr 2005

New political group in Tonga breaks away from Democracy Movement

10:20 am on 14 April 2005

The leader of a new political group in Tonga says showing people that it's genuine about raising their concerns is a key reason behind its formation.

The new party, called the People's Democratic Party, is led by former member of parliament, Teisina Fuko, and was formed this week by a breakaway group from the Human Rights Democracy Movement.

Mr Fuko, who hopes to launch an application for registration next week, says the Movement had earlier attempted to start a political arm but it never eventuated.

He says the grouping has moved away from the movement because of dissatisfaction with how others are using it.

"It seems now that the Movement has been used for to get a seat in parliament. That's why this section has been started. The original intention was to set up a political party where everybody has to be fair, and you have to have a manifesto, and probably have power to negotiate against the government."

Teisina Fuko says the new People's Democratic Party will include politicians Professor Futa Helu, Alani Taione and former cabinet minister Clive Edwards who will contest an upcoming by-election.