14 Apr 2005

Guam Senator Jess Lujan's credentials challenged

1:30 pm on 14 April 2005

A two-term Republican senator in Guam has denied intentionally stating that he was a thoracic surgeon or physician in Guam in the early 1980s

Jesse Anderson Lujan reportedly made the statements in Muscle Digest magazine and interviews in the Pacific Daily News and a talk show.

Mr Lujan says the media reports were wrong and if he was guilty of anything, it was not correcting the impressions that he was a doctor.

At one time, Mr Lujan worked as a respiratory therapist or cardio-pulmonary therapist in the US, but the Pacific Daily News reports he has no medical degree.

He says the controversy is the result of his potential oversight of Guam's government operated hospital

Mr Lujan is vice-chair of the health committee.