14 Apr 2005

Solomons police commissioner says it's time for local police to be more upfront in law enforcement

9:00 pm on 14 April 2005

The new police commissioner in Solomon Islands, Australian Shane Castles, says his intention is to move the Royal Solomon Islands Police to the forefront of the fight against crime.

Mr Castles, who took up the job this week, says he aims to continue the work of his predecessor in restoring the force's credibility which was badly dented by its activities during the years of unrest.

He says his early assessment is a great deal of effort needs to go into planning, improving logistics and finance, and developing greater accountability.

But Commissioner Castles says now RAMSI and its Participating Police Force have helped bring reasonable stability, it's time for a new relationship with the local force.

"Now it's time for the RSIP to move more into providing upfront law enforcement services with the support of the Participating Police Force - so there will be a shift in that relationship."