15 Apr 2005

List of nominees for general election published in Niue

3:39 pm on 15 April 2005

Election officials in Niue have published the first list of those intending to stand in the general election at the end of the month.

In seven village constituencies there is only one candidate, including the premier Young Vivian in Hakupu and health minister, Fisa Pihigia, in Tuapa.

MP O'Love Jacobsen is standing again and there are two women standing for the first time.

However our correspondent on Niue, Patrick Lino, says there's hardly a significant number of women challenging for seats in parliament.

"It's rather disappointing in that we've expected a lot of women to go into this as well, as well as men, but sad to see there's only one other woman going into the common roll, and that's a good indication of maybe the women aren't thinking of going into politics as such."

Patrick Lino says the nominees now have five days to decide whether to confirm their candidacies or pull out.