19 Apr 2005

Protesters in Indonesia's Papua want accused police chiefs back on trial

10:21 am on 19 April 2005

Protesters in the Indonesian province of Papua say two top police officers accused of human rights violations should be detained and their trials resumed.

About 800 students demonstrated outside the provincial legislature in the city of Jayapura yesterday.

The students called for the detention of the police chiefs, Johni Wainal Usman and Daud Sihombing, who're accused of overseeing human rights violations in the Abepura region in December 2000.

The demonstrators say the trial of the officers began in May last year but was halted shortly afterwards, and the officers remain free and on active duty.

Three people died and more than 90 were detained and beaten by police in a morning raid on December 7th 2000, after a police officer had been killed the day before.