19 Apr 2005

Work on major repairs in Tokelau following Cyclone Percy expect to start soon

8:27 pm on 19 April 2005

Tokelau's Wellington based Administrator says they are now waiting for detailed information from communities in Tokelau before the next stage of repair work following Cyclone Percy can get underway.

Neil Walter says a UN led team has identified priority work such as re-building the seawalls and the removal of waste.

He expects substantial work on these areas to get underway shortly :

"I think the first priority has gone to cleaning up the villages and restoring services and so on, but I think they are coming to a point where they will refocus on rebuilding, replacing equipment and working on the waste management and the sea wall... and you would expect good progress by the end of the calender year."

That was Tokelau's Wellington based Administrator, Neil Walter.