20 Apr 2005

Australian High Court reserves decision on Nauru detainee visa challenge

4:32 am on 20 April 2005

A legal challenge to the detention of people by the Australian Government on the island of Nauru which began nearly a year ago, was back in court yesterday in the Australian High Court.

The original challenge was dismissed by the Nauru Supreme Court, but that allowed a challenge through the Australian court.

Australian lawyer, Eric Vadarlis, was one of those bringing the challenge which was based on an assertion that the visas under which the asylum seekers entered the country.

He says the visas were imposed on people who did not want to go to Nauru and included a condition that they were to be detained in the camps.

"What we are seeking is to have these people, or the applicant particularly since he is the one in detention, released out of the detention centre - he's no longer required to be in the detention centre as part of the conditions of his visa, and that of course would apply to the rest of the detainees."