21 Apr 2005

China offers to take Mafia Queen's daughter

8:11 pm on 21 April 2005

China has offered to take the 11-year old daughter of the deported Chinese national widely known as the Mafia Queen of Fiji.

Fiji's minister for home affairs revoked a Fiji passport issued to Wei Wei Cheng last month and issued a deportation order against her.

Radio Fiji quotes a Chinese embassy spokesman in Suva, Zeng Zhu Fung, as saying China would welcome Wei Wei Cheng, if she chooses to take up Chinese citizenship.

Although born in Fiji, Wei Wei is not eligible for Fiji citizenship because both her parents were foreigners.

Mr Fung says the girl is eligible for Chinese citizenship and can be issued with a Chinese passport after fulfilling the necessary procedures.

He has confirmed that the Fiji government asked the embassy to facilitate her travel to China after the deportation order was issued.

Meanwhile, an application for a stay on the deportation order will be heard in the Suva High Court tomorrow