22 Apr 2005

Solomon Islands landowners still wait for royalty payments

3:41 pm on 22 April 2005

Landowners on North Kolobangara Island in the Solomon Islands Western Province have claimed they haven't received logging royalties since 2003

The Solomon Star reports that 18 shipments have been made by Viuru Delta Forest Enterprise since the logging company began operating on their land in September 2003.

A spokesman for the landowners says they have not received a cent in royalty payments for ths shipments which have an estimated worth of US$3.6 million.

A total of 15 per cent of the total sale of the logs should be for the landowners, 25 per cent as government tax and 60 per cent to the contractor.

But the Viuru tribal landowners say with few trees left, time is running out and the last shipment is expected to take place at the end this month.

The landowners have requested the director of Viuru Forest Enterprise, Gordon Darcy, to come to them and explain about the missing royalties.