26 Apr 2005

Former Fiji PM wants name finally cleared of involvement in 2000 coup

7:26 am on 26 April 2005

A former Fiji Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says he's sick of being a suspect in the 2000 coup and wants his name cleared.

Mr Rabuka, the former police commissioner Col Isikia Savua and a government senator are among prominent people cited in a police statement as being involved in the Speight-led overthrow.

The Daily Post made the revelations while publishing more details of the July 2003 police statement given by Lieutenant Colonel Viliama Seruvakula, parts of which were made public last week.

Mr Rabuka says living with allegations is taking its toll on him and his family.

"People do not realise how much stress people who are under suspicion carry with them and they just have to stay above it and carry on with their normal life. It effects my friendship circles,with those who believe I had nothing to do with it, when something comes up they doubt whether I've been genuine with them."

Mr Rabuka says that if he had been involved in the coup, he would have been charged by now.