27 Apr 2005

Investors sought for Cook Islands timeshare opportunity

10:13 am on 27 April 2005

A New Zealand couple living in Auckland's Manukau City have been inviting interested parties online to invest in a unique timeshare holiday accommodation opportunity on the Cook Islands southern island, Mitiaro.

The Cook Islands News reports that the proposal will give investors an opportunity to live on the island for a month annually for 10-years.

The sellers are also proposing a retirement option for those interested.

The 10-acre piece of land has been offered on the web for some time and the offer was to have closed at the weekend, New Zealand time.

However, the Cook Islands News reports, that they sent questions to an email address provided on the website for any correspondence but they've received no replies.

Court registrar Nooapii Tearea, whose office also oversees the land court, says Mitiaro is one of three islands, where the Aronga Mana or Chiefs have absolute authority over land.