29 Apr 2005

Fiji police chief to investigate raid on home of Labour Party official

10:22 am on 29 April 2005

Fiji's police commissioner says he will find out today why the home of a Fiji Labour Party official was raided by his officers without a warrant.

Andrew Hughes has told RADIO LEGEND that he will receive a full report on what took place later this morning.

But Mr Hughes has confirmed that police are treating the leakage of the statement given by Lt Col Viliame Seruvakula as serious.

Mr Hughes says if the Labour Party has any concerns about the manner in which the police conducted themselves, they should make a report and it will be investigated.

Labour Party senior administration officer Shalendra Raju says his home was raided without a search warrant and his car was damaged by police looking for a document.

They later went to his office in the parliamentary complex to question him and threatened to arrest him.

Mr Raju says he feels outraged by the police action which he says appears to be politically motivated and aimed at intimidating him.