2 May 2005

Samoa now requires visa from American Samoan visitors

7:08 am on 2 May 2005

All US nationals from American Samoa must now have a visa in order to visit neighbouring Samoa.

The new immigration requirement comes into force today, May the First local time, following bilateral talks in both Samoa and the US territory.

As our correspondent in Pago Pago, Monica Miller, explains, American Samoans had hoped the discussions would have averted the new restrictions...

"...now people are caught by surprise, that the permit requirements are going to go ahead. And because American Samoans have been travelling freely, there have been some comments made, that this is discriminatory, on Samoa's part, that they are being singled out."

Samoans wanting to travel to the US territory must have applications processed at the attorney-general's office in Pago Pago.