2 May 2005

Fiji's junior coalition party denies drafting bill to free coup convicts

1:39 pm on 2 May 2005

The president of Fiji's junior coalition party is denying that it has drafted or proposed a Reconciliation bill which would free all coup convicts and end coup investigations.

Ratu Tanoa Visowaqa of the pro-coup Conservative Alliance party, the CMV, says there have been rumours and hearsay about the bill and speculation by the local media.

But, he says he's not been to any meetings with the ruling SDL party about the proposal nor has the CMV helped in drafting any such bill.

"As of today, I have not even laid eyes on the bill nor have I seen it. So, as I've previously stated, the media in Fiji usually has a thing of speculating things before it happens."

Ratu Tanoa would not deny the existence of the bill but the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, is reported to have done so.