3 May 2005

Fiji's opposition accepts PM's word over reported reconciliation Bill

9:16 am on 3 May 2005

Fiji's opposition leader, Mahendra Chaudhry is accepting the word of the prime minister, who says there's no Bill to reconcile coup convicts.

Both the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, and his junior coalition partner, the Conservative Alliance party, have denied reports in the local media that the government is proposing a Bill which would free all coup convicts and end coup investigations.

The general secretary of the SVT party says she doesn't believe the denials, describing it as an attempt, by the government, to twist the law.

But, Mr Chaudhry says for the time being, he accepts the prime minister's word.

"I'm holding him to that undertaking that he's given to the people of Fiji - that there's no such bill. Of course, if such a bill were to come, it would be quite alarming and we certainly wouldn't support it. We'd very vehemently oppose it but for the time being, I take the prime minister's assurance and we'll leave it at that."