3 May 2005

Samoa awaits results of study into STD's

1:31 pm on 3 May 2005

Results from a new study into the rates of sexual transmitted infections in Samoa are due to be available later this month.

The research was done at the end of last year and early this year.

Many of those questioned took part in an earlier study done in Samoa and Vanuatu in 2000 and 2001 which highlighted significant rates of the disease, Chlamydia.

This particular research was referred to in a speech by a UNAids Pacific co-ordinator in Apia last week.

Samoa's Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Public Health, Dr Nu'ualofa Tu'uau Potoi, says getting up to date information will be vital in combatting the infections, but she says the previous study still is important:

"There has been a definite move by the Ministry to address the sexual transmitted infection problem, because I think even if the study is a bit old, 2000 -2001, the fact remains that sexual transmitted infections is quite prevalent."

Dr Potoi says the incidence of sexually transmitted infection is known to have implications for the transmission of HIV/Aids.