4 May 2005

Fiji public prosecutor says his private religious beliefs being manipulated

3:54 pm on 4 May 2005

Fiji's director of public prosecutions says his private religious beliefs are being abused by others for their own agenda.

Josaia Naigulevu is being accused of attacking the justice system through a leaked email, in which he condemns homosexuality.

The lawyer for a Fijian man convicted along with an Australian for gay sex offences is using the email in her court appeal against the conviction.

In a prepared statement, Natasha Khan accuses Mr Naigulevu of resorting to other means to influence the court's decision.

"The email clearly indicates Mr Naigulevu is dealing with this matter by taking into consideration issues other than law and facts. This is a clear derogation of a prosecutor's responsibilities. The head of prosecution must rely on law and facts. This matter before the court is of the utmost significance, given in particular, that it raises constitutional issues."

Mr Naigulevu says his email was to church members in a private context, and his beliefs are in direct alignment with the current state of the law in Fiji.