10 May 2005

PNG Police Commissioner relationship between local police and AAP is fine

7:34 pm on 10 May 2005

The Papua New Guinea police commissioner, Sam Inguba, says the working relationship between local constabulary and the Australian Assisting Police is good.

Mr Inguba's comments come after more than 300 members of the PNG Police Association reportedly issued an ultimatum to PNG police bosses to arrange the removal.

The Association has since withdrawn the threat.

Mr Inguba says the ultimatium came from a few members of a tactical response unit who misunderstood reasons for being disbanded.

He says in the majority of local police are working well with their Australian counterparts.

"As far working relationships are concerned, there is no problem. There's more to learn from both sides. We have cultural problems. We do have over 800 languages and different ethnic groups. A foreign police officer arrived here who hasn't been in PNG, he would certainly have to go throuigh a bit of cultural understanding. There's a lot of things on both sides. For us in PNG, well, our officers, especially in the lower ranks, need to understand their counterparts."

The PNG police commissioner, Sam Inguba.