11 May 2005

100 people die in PNG care centre after evacuation from Manam - report

1:20 pm on 11 May 2005

More than 100 people from Manam island in Papua New Guinea are reported to have died in care centres on the mainland since being evacuated after a volcanic eruption.

The Post-Courier quotes the chief and spokesman for Asuramba care centre, Mark Arongo, as saying that elderly people and children were developing swollen legs, arms, and lumps on their shoulders, necks and mouths.

Mr Arongo says it's thought these are probably the side effects of poisoning from the eruption last October.

He says there are now no health officials in the camps and the health service to the people is poor

Mr Arongo says the health service in the beginning was okay but as time passed everyone left and there are no funds put aside.

He says to make things worse, for the last six weeks there have been no food rations.

Mr Arongo says the government needs to look into what is happening.