11 May 2005

Solomon Islands prime minister receives death threat

1:24 pm on 11 May 2005

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, says he will not step down as demanded by an alleged militant group, which has sent him a death threat.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation says a group calling itself Malaita Fools told Sir Allan to resign or they would kill him.

The SIBC says the government was also called on to respond to the group's demands within 12 days.

The group claimed that Sir Allan's government had helped foreign forces such as RAMSI, the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, to violate the sovereignty of the country.

But, the prime minister is denying claims that his government or RAMSI have been anti-Malaita in their actions.

He says while respecting the rights of individual, groups and the media, he's been consistent in his actions throughout the whole episode of the ethnic tension.

Sir Allan says as far as he's concerned, his government is doing everything it can to assist Malaitans with development and regards Malaita as part of one Solomon Islands.

The prime minister says he's received similar threats in writing in the past from the same group.