12 May 2005

PNG police boss says court challenge has stalled ECP process

10:18 am on 12 May 2005

The Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner, Sam Inguba, says a Supreme Court challenge of the Enchanced Co-operation Programme has slowed down improvements in operations.

Mr Inguba says although the AAP has been in PNG since late last year under the Enhanced Cooperation Programme, a Supreme Court challenge has stalled the process.

The Morobe governor, Luther Wenge, has challenged the legality of the Programme.

Last week members of the Police Association also called for the AAP to be sent back to Australia.

However Mr Inguba says a lot of the frustration comes from AAP members not being able to implement their strategies because of the pending court case.

"We started off late last year and with this Supreme Court thing, both parties, both sides, in fact both governments are a bit uhhh, by way of moving forward, it's not moving forward, it's sort of slightly slowed down the process."

Mr Inguba says the AAP is willing to spend money on vehicles for the PNG force but cannot do so until the case is over.