19 May 2005

French unions query TV show's impartiality ahead of vote

3:47 pm on 19 May 2005

The French CSA union movement has taken issue with a planned television interview for overseas territories with the French president ahead of next week's referendum on the European constitution.

Jacques Chirac is to be at the centre of a special broadcast to the French overseas possessions at the end of this week to highlight links between the territories and Europe.

The CSA has called on the head of French television to stop what it calls an underhand media exercise carried out on behalf of the overseas territories ministry.

And a journalists' union says the broadcasts has the air of propaganda so close to a vote.

The referendum is to approve a French law project on the European constitution.

Most parties have come out in favour of the document, but some critics say French Polynesians are not eligible to vote because of the autonomy status.