20 May 2005

Tuvalu: Four cyclones in Cooks show danger of greenhouse effect

8:00 am on 20 May 2005

Tuvalu says the four cyclones which hit the Cook Islands earlier this year show how the greenhouse effect is threatening Pacific Island nations.

A Tuvalu government spokesman, Ian Fry, has told this week's UN seminar on climate change that the Kyoto protocol needs to be adapted.

Mr Fry suggests governments ought to expand the system of trading credits in carbon dioxide, the gas blamed for global warming.

He's told a seminar of experts in the German city of Bonn that there needs to be an international clearinghouse to assess the vulnerability of individual nations.

Mr Fry also called for the establishment of a climate change insurance facility.

He says this can be funded through governments, businesses and a levy on fossil fuels.