23 May 2005

Shots fired at police and Ramsi officers during arrest attempt in North Malaita

7:06 am on 23 May 2005

Shots were fired at local police officers and some working with the regional assistance mission in Solomon Islands during an attempt to arrest an individual over the weekend.

No-one was injured in the incident which happened in North Malaita.

The acting Commissioner of Police, Sandy Piesly, says the team were in the village of Manakwai at the time.

The shooting occured as the officers approached a hut and a man came out and fired at them with a high-powered weapon.

The suspect ran into the surrounding jungle before firing more shots at the team... the military returned fire.

The man then disappeared into the jungle.

Ms Piesly say the operation in Manakwai is part of an ongoing investigation to find and arrest a number of people wanted for serious crimes.