23 May 2005

Fiji mayor blames urban drift for rise in crime in Nadi

3:23 pm on 23 May 2005

The mayor of the Fiji town of Nadi says a recent spate of crimes has been committed by unemployed outsiders.

The mayor, Sanjit Patel, says more police have been deployed since last week's sentencing of a man to 20-years for the abduction and rape of a German couple.

He says the rise in crime reflects badly on the town, and it needs to be stopped.

"We have placed escalation on those types of people who don't have a job, and are not properly trained for proper jobs, and it is just an area that they can easily catch and fall prey to those kinds of illegal activity."

Sanjit Patel.

Meanwhile, Fiji's Tourism Minister, Pita Nacuva, says such crimes reflect badly on Fiji which relies heavily on tourism.

He says crimes against tourists are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.