26 May 2005

Fiji warns of court action over Vanuatu biscuit ban

5:40 am on 26 May 2005

Fiji has threatened to take court action against Vanuatu if it does not lift its ban on Fiji made biscuits.

Radio Fiji quotes the foreign affairs minister, Kaliopate Tavola, as saying court action is the option if a meeting between him and his Vanuatu counterpart on Friday is not successful in lifting the ban.

Mr Tavola says he has asked the legal advisor for biscuit exporter, Flour Mills of Fiji, to institute a judicial review of the ban in the High Court in Port Vila.

He says the government is also considering the possibility of involving the prime ministers of the two countries but that could come at a later stage.

Mr Tavola says if all these fail, Fiji will then consider appropriate retaliatory measures against Vanuatu.

Fiji's biscuit exports to Vanuatu are valued at over 4-million US dollars a year.