25 May 2005

Fresh probe sought into French Polynesian disappearance case

8:27 pm on 25 May 2005

The territorial assembly of French Polynesia says a request has been made for a fresh probe to be opened into the disappearance of three assembly members three years ago.

It was presented by the Union For Democracy's Cathy Tuiho-Buillard in a bid to find out why the aircraft carrying five people vanished in the Tuamotu islands.

The three opposition politicians' wives have said they want to have a credible explanation of what happened, rejecting French findings that the plane may have had fuel or engine problems.

Their lawyer says he is awaiting the outcome of a recent and new French probe while highlighting that all testimonies related to the incident need to be considered.

There has been speculation of foul play, prompting a bid to ask the US for possible satellite images of the area where the plane vanished.

This week's request for a fresh inquiry will go to a committee before being tabled in the assembly.