26 May 2005

Fiji's Commerce Commission withdraws telecommunications tariffs

8:04 pm on 26 May 2005

Fiji's Commmerce Commission has withdrawn controversial new telecommunications tariffs which were supposed to come into effect from next Wednesday.

The withdrawal comes just days after court action by the international telecommunications carrier, FINTEL.

FINTEL said in documents filed in court that it had not been given sufficient opportunity to present its case fully on how the tariff restructure would affect its revenue.

The Commission last month ordered reductions of between 44 percent to 74 percent in telephone calls overseas.

The chairman of the Commerce Commission, Thomas Raju, says they will give FINTEL the chance to make further submissions before any revised tariff coems into effect on August 30th or later as necessary.

Mr Raju says it's important that the final determination of local, long distance and overseas telecommunications tariffs be made after all relevant information has been considered.

He says a 30-day notice will be issued before the final charges are announced.