28 May 2005

American Samoa Senate president says US yet to live up to its promises

8:11 am on 28 May 2005

The president of the Senate in American Samoa, Lolo Letalu Moliga, says that after ruling American Samoa for more than 100 years, the United States has yet to live up to its promises to improving education, health services and the local economy.

Lolo told a gathering of lawmakers from US Pacific jurisdictions that the US will have to live up to its commitment after all these years.

He told the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures meeting in Honolulu that American Samoa plans to hold a constitutional convention soon during which it will review its relationship with the federal government.

The association's President Joanne Brown, said though there were many political lines that separate the member nations of the association, there are many issues that unite them.

Ms Brown said among those issues was the need for economic development.