30 May 2005

French Polynesia among backers of EU constitution as France rejects it

1:01 pm on 30 May 2005

Voters in French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna have given their overwhelming support to the law project for a new European Union constitution.

The overall French vote was a decisive no to the project, but in Wallis and Futuna 90 percent voted yes and in French Polynesia 73 percent voted yes.

In the overseas territories, the level of abstention was high.

Nicole Bouteau, who is a leader of the centrist ADN Party in Tahiti, says the yes vote shows that French Polynesians want to have close links with Europe.

"Polynesian people are very concerned by Europe and they know that Europe can help French Polynesia for its development economically, socially and for our investment."

Nicole Bouteau